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Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Why fitting you with your very own crown would be an attractive benefit.

Why porcelain crowns and bridges are used

Well, not the crown you think! Unlike those in monarchial settings, porcelain dental crowns and bridges are used in dentistry to restore the function and aesthetics of a tooth that has lost a significant amount of structure. Porcelain is known to be a strong material that will last for a time to come. It is an ideal material used for porcelain crowns and bridges.

There are several reasons our doctors may present a porcelain dental crown or bridge as the right restorative option for you:

  • To protect a weak tooth or teeth.
  • To restore a previously-broken or damaged tooth.
  • To support/cover a tooth with a large filling, when most of the tooth is gone.
  • To cover a dental implant.
  • To make cosmetic modifications.

There are various types of dental crowns available:

  • Stainless steel
  • Metals
  • Resin
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain

What is involved in preparing for a porcelain crown?

Excellent oral hygiene is required before the placement of your porcelain crown. If you have not been to our office for your regular hygiene visit, we will schedule you in for a visit before the procedure. Our doctors will advise what oral hygiene steps are required prior to commencing treatment.

What steps are involved in preparing for a porcelain bridge?

Upon completion of your consultation with our doctors, you will be scheduled for a porcelain bridge preparation appointment. At this visit, the tooth/teeth will be prepared, an impression will be taken, and a temporary bridge will be created in-office and cemented on to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. This impression is then sent to a lab to create your permanent porcelain bridge.

At your follow-up appointment, our doctors will cement your permanent porcelain bridge, and you will leave with your new bridge and completed restoration.

Same-day porcelain crown technology

Upon the completion of the oral hygiene portion of your treatment, you will be scheduled for a 2-hour porcelain dental crown appointment. At this visit, your tooth is shaped, and a digital scan will be taken. It will then be sent to our in-office milling unit (E4D technology). A machine will mill your new porcelain dental crown, and our doctors will add colour and other characteristics to make the tooth look as natural as possible.

Once the best fit is ensured, our doctors will cement your new crown in place. Your tooth will be fully restored to fit and function. Our doctors will make any necessary adjustments to ensure it not only fits well, but that you’re happy with the aesthetics.

If you have any questions about a dental crown or think you may be a good candidate for one, call us to book an appointment today at 1-877-542-2236.

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